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Current from June 2011. Subject to change without notice

The purpose of this page is to explain the photography products sold by us and provide a basis in easy to understand language, of what you can expect from a contract or agreement. This will apply to all dealings and our payment facilities to present and sell wedding or portrait photographs to clients.

We urge clients to refer always to any agreements for photography they may have, for details of which products are included in any package they may have purchased. If something you thought or expected to be delivered is not specifically listed in that agreement, you should not expect to get it. Expectations are not agreements. If you bought a wedding photography package because it was cheaper than buying individual items, you honestly can't expect to get anything not described in that package.

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Quick explanations.

Digital wedding Albums All have pages created from multiple images and printed as a single sheet before it becomes a page.

Pages refer to the front and back of a single leaf of material. 20 pages mean the Album is made up of 10 individual leaves, bound into a book.

These are the individual sheets that have a page either side of them. Leaves are never numbered, pages are.

Contracts and agreements
The words are interchangeable. A contract is an agreement and an agreement a contract. When you sign a contract with us or one of our businesses, you are binding yourself and Ryadia Pty Ltd to an agreement based on what the contract says you will get or we will do.

If anything is not specifically specified in a contract, you will not get it. If no specific size is mentioned, (such as the size of an album or photograph, you must expect to receive the size we feel is most appropriate, not what you expect to have.

Don't presume anything
If the agreement does not say you get it, it is best to assume you will not get it. We are only a phone call or E-mail away. Ask us if you are unsure.

You don't pay for your wedding photography until 2 weeks before the wedding. Please make sure you can! We offer finance arrangements if you need to find more than you budgeted for. Not just for photography either.

Booking fee
When you book any event with us, you must pay a non-refundable booking fee of $250. To ensure your event (wedding) is guaranteed a photographer.

All our photographers are qualified Professionals or supervised by qualified professionals. Sure, you may have to pay a little more than for an office worker moonlighting as wedding shooter but we think it is worth a little extra... So it would seem do the few hundred people who have chosen us since 2001.

Our obligation
Quite apart from our obligation to clients, we are required to be mindful of rules and wishes of other professionals providing you with services and also be mindful that some people may not want their photo taken. Sometimes you just can't have the list of photos you gave us due the this.

Travel, Parking.
Most popular locations are impossible to find parking near, late on Saturday. In Brisbane, we charge a $50 fee to cover our parking and cab fare to your location. Feel free to provide a limo for us!

Meals and working conditions
We need to be fed at regular meal times just like your pets. You can either make arrangements with your caterer to feed Ryadia staff meals or pay  us an $80 (per person) meal allowance and miss us for 30 minutes during a meal break. Whichever you decide, we work under the same work place rules as everyone else.

Australian TAXES
As a duly incorporated Australian Company, we are required to pay taxes on our earnings and collect GST on our sales. Currently this is 10% of our quoted prices.

Off Shore travel.
If your wedding is on an Off-shore Island, you or you wedding planner are required to make all the booking and travel arrangements for us at your own expense. Our timely arrival is your responsibility.

Overnight accommodation
If you wedding is outside 75 Klm radius of Brisbane City and we are expected to be working after 8:00 PM, you need to arrange and/or pay our overnight accommodation.

Quality of service:
We have little else to sell but our services therefore it is important to us to provide a professional and trustworthy service at all times. Please... If you think we can improve, tell us. Our only measure of success is your recommendations.

Part of our commitment to quality is often confusing to some people. Put simply... We ensure each and ever one of the photographs we offer clients meets our quality standards for technical excellence and compositional correctness. We do supply "blooper discs" or photos of people in compromising situations.

Hand crafted Brief case and wedding album. Square aspect ratio has lost popularity lately but they sure are impressive!

Need more information?  We've got lots of information and displays from other photographers and wedding specialists as well as Club Ryadia offers to save you money at our Expos and in our magazine.

Links that may help

This is a 'standard' Digital wedding album.
There are 10 leaves with 20 pages. Images are arranged to tell the pictorial story of your wedding day. The cover is synthetic leather, bound so the pages lay flat when you open the book. Your agreement will specify the size and how many pages it will contain. These vary with different packages.

Example of a standard quality padded and lined digital wedding albumPages are protected with a matt, water clear laminate which allows them to be wiped with a damp cloth and will resist many household cleaning spray products.

These albums are assembled by the photographer with "photographer's choice" of images used. Some packages and contracts may provide for clients to approve a proof set of pages and change up to 10% of them before approving the album for print. Be sure to check your agreement for wording such as "client to approve album".  If just the album is listed it does not have any special conditions like clients being able to change images. The reason for this is because the photographer works to a shoot list with a plan to tell a story of your day. When a client gets to choose which photos will be used, the creative ability of the photographer - the reason you choose us in the first place, is taken away from the person who created the story your album will tell.


Parents Albums or "photo books" with paper pages.



Right is a standard "Photo Book" often purchased as parents album. They have hard covers with a linen or leather like covering. Most usually are provided in A4 size or in special packages may be different sizes up to A3.

If listed as parents albums where a Wedding album is specified, they will be replicas of the Wedding Album except for the front page which will be resized to accommodate to opening in the cover or if you choose a dust jacket instead, made to fit the jacket. Options available with these albums include leather look covering and number of pages as well as gloss or matt surface pages.


Explaning our Wedding Photography, our agreement
and what you can expect from us.

All our photography is by way of an agreement that in exchange for you paying us, we will give you goods and services listed in the agreement. if it is not listed in the agreement, you have not bought it. The words Agreement and Contract both mean the same thing with us... You make an agreement and enter into a contract.

Implied conditions, 'unwritten rules' and client expectations:
Any legal agreement exists only to protect the interests of those signing them. In our case the agreements we enter into are intended to avoid any possibility we will be required to provide goods or services not clearly described in the agreement and ensure everything you purchase in the way of photographic services is described clearly so their can be no misunderstanding later.

For that purpose there are some things specific to the photography and Wedding industries that can safely be presumed. There are no innuendos in our agreements.  You should never presume you will get a frame with a canvas print unless it is safe to assume you will get a frame with every print we supply. In other words, what is not clear or stated is not there.

When discussing or reading about "prints" they are sheets of photo paper or other material with an image on them. Unless specified in some other way, that's all you get. As for sizes, the Photo industry considers the most common "print" to be a 6 inch x 4 inch or 10cm x 15cm print. When you read that you will get X number of prints, they will be the most common size unless stated otherwise.

When buying prints from our on-line facilities, it is safe to presume and expect prints of at least the quality of a professional photo lab and most certainly of merchantable quality for lasting purposes. Just the same, you need to be mindful of the hazards of exposing photographs to certain conditions in the atmosphere and protecting them from UV light rays. In particular we ask that you try to avoid storing loose prints in draws made from particle board or chipboard.

Why? A chemical called formaldehyde is more often than not used in the manufacture of modern timber products. Formaldehyde is thought to contribute to the early onset of photos losing their colour and turning a shade of red. Just try to keep them in a plastic container which will go a long way towards preserving them.

Enlargements too, can be presumed to be a photograph on photo paper. For weddings and portraits, these are always satin or lustre surface and must be described with a size (I.E. 8"x10") or they are not enlargements, just normal prints.

Also unless a size specified enlargement I.E. an 8x10 enlargement is specified as being in a "presentation folder" it will be delivered as a flat sheet. If the description also includes the words 'Canvas' or 'Metallic' this signifies a particular type of print or enlargement different from a normal print. If for example you discussed having a "canvas print" as part of your package, it also needs to be described by the size and whether or not it will be stretched over an artists frame or mounted to a display board. There is significant diferences between a canvas print and mounted and framed canvas print. Again... What is not described, you will not get.

Bridal preparations.

With no other additional information,  Photography of or attendance at bridal preparations means at the place the bride is getting dressed and will leave for the wedding from. It does not mean you can expect a photographer to be with you from 6:00 AM to record everything you do up to the wedding at 4:00 PM.  Industry standard time allowance is between 1 hour and one and a half hours for bridal preparation photography. We like to arrive an hour before your departure if bridal portraits are specified. How this part of your wedding fits into the story of your day, is directly related to how much cooperation and how ready you are when we arrive.

Ceremonial location:
When discussing photography, formal portraits or other post wedding photography, the location must be specified or the Ceremonial location is the only location you will have your formal and portrait photography done at. Specify (for example) formals to be at Wellington Point on Moreton Bay and that's where they will take place, not at the Botanical gardens in Brisbane. Yes... Some people planning their wedding neglect to tell the photographer they will expect several different locations to be visited. If all the locations are not listed in the agreement, only those listed will be attended.

Formal portraits:
Almost all wedding photography allows for the traditional wedding photography known as 'formals' or formal portraits. If the location for these photographs is anywhere other than the ceremonial location, it must be specified on the contract or it isn't going to be included. Likewise if you plan on having your wedding photographer take family portraits at your wedding, you must tell us this when you negotiate the package of photography or you may not get them due to time and other constraints. Make sure you have it in writing if you also want family portraits as well as wedding photographs.

Ryadia, weddingsNportraits and all the photographer who provide photography under instructions from our company, can be presumed to be or expected to be fully accredited professional photographers. Simply belonging to an institute like AIPP (which is a profitable private company by the way) does not mean their members are trained or qualified photographers. All it means is they paid a membership fee to join the group. AIPP does not train photographers or issue qualifications... Just carefully worded membership certificates to hang on the wall. All our photographers are certified by our own CPPA organisation.

You have a right to expect high quality photographs when you go to a professional studio. At the same time, if any photos exist that for technical or compositional reasons do not meet our quality control standards, they will not be made available. We do not provide "bloopers", compromising shots or photographs of children not taken or supervised by a blue card holder or parent.

Ryadia maintains a Digital print centre, pro grade photo lab and 12 colour large format printers. We also have picture framing and museum standard mounting and restoration services. We build your Wedding Albums in our own facility at Redlands City (Queensland). This allows us to provide expedited service and prompt delivery of finished goods. The fact everything we do is done by humans unfortunately also means that time frames may not always be achievable. We try to maintain the following schedules...

Time for viewing of proofs; Between 2 and 4 weeks.
Time for album completion: Up to 6 weeks (longer in peak periods).
Time for completion of entire assignment: Up to 8 weeks plus any time you take to decide on alterations.

We abide by the Australian Trade Practices Act and the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This guarantees you will receive goods of merchantable quality suitable for the purpose intended. That is, viewing and storage of wedding photography. It also protect you against unfair contracts, sub-standard goods and several other important issues all business' must provide you. If your wedding photographer delivers you an album from Kmart (for example) with digital prints sliped between the plastic pages... This is not "goods of merchantable quality suitable for the intended purpose" and you have a right to a refund or even have a professional build your album at the photographers expense! Better to do business with the professional in the first place, don't you think?

Booking fees and refunds:
When you pay us a booking fee you are paying a fee to prevent us committing a particular day and photographer for any other purpose than your wedding. It is not a deposit and is not refundable, it is a fee for reserving a date and staff to photograph a wedding. We do not offer refunds of any type except for faulty goods, when ACL conflicts with our conditions or by negotiation if you decide not to get married. You cannot expect a refund for changing you mind or because someone else offered to do the job cheaper. For this reason we do not accept credit card payments for wedding photography.

Copyright and negatives:
Every Photograph a professional photographer takes is automatically assigned copyright to either him or his employer. In the case of a firm or business owned by Ryadia Pty Ltd, the copyright belongs to the company. Every contract you enter into with us, has this statement. We offer several types of copyright licenses to clients depending on your future use. These need to be negotiated and written into the contract or the copyright belongs exclusively to Ryadia Pty Ltd. If we give you a disc of your wedding photos, you are free to print photos from it whenever you like provided you don't sell them to anyone. If you want the copyright yourself, you must negotiate this before you sign the contract.

Digital (Camera RAW files) and traditional film negatives have long been the exclusive property of the photographer. The law considers them "work in progress" towards the final product, a photography. It is probably timely now to point out that a photographer's principal product for sale is a photograph. This may not make sense to people expecting to receive digital image files from their wedding but in the context of negatives and digital image files it is highly relevant.

We have a facility available for people to purchase image files that we have already processed ready for printing or web display along with transfer of copyright. Unless the contract clearly states you get delivery of "Full Resolution" or "High Resolution" images, any images we supply you on CD or DVD will be suitable for making normal prints, not enlargements.

Changing the Contract:
Very clearly it is asking a lot of someone to book a photographer a year in advance and know exactly want you want when you do. For this reason we have a clause in our contracts that allows you to notify us in writing that you wish to change the contract. You must use this method or the contract will not be changed.

What applies to you also applies to us. If we wish to amend or change the contract to bring it in line with any future changes we may make to it, we will do so in writing or the original contract will prevail.

Disputes and complaints:
God forbid we have any but in a case where a client believes they have an entitlement that is unclearly documented or they believe a verbal promise was made and we cannot find any record of it, a dispute resolution process is available. Depending on the nature of your dispute, we may offer to pay for an independent solicitor or industry arbitrator to mediate the complaint.

Clients who are offered this last resort mediation must agree to be bound (as we will be) by the referee's decision. Before ever this stage is reached, we like to think discussion and explanation can solve most disputes. We do not subscribe to the notion "the customer is always right" but we do subscribe to the belief that sometimes we might need to compromise our stand in order to remain friendly and keep our reputation... We expect the same from our clients.