Definition of a Portrait



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Faux Charcoal portrait on canvas by weddingsNportraits

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We offer printing, mounting and framing on a wide variety of materials (including rayon and flags) by quotation.

I have always considered a portrait to be something different than a happy snap enlarged into a print that can be framed and hung on the wall.

At one time I specialised exclusively in portraits. It wasn't until I saw one of my early canvas prints exhibited as a bridal portrait that I realised my definition of a portrait was a little different than most people's.

I guess we (Professional Photographers in general) have a need to separate our styles from each other or we all run the risk of turning our craft into a price driven commodity that has the potential to destroy the creativity of the craft.

Already, wedding photography has been hit hard by those who still think a portrait is just a picture of someone and because of that, supplying hundreds (even thousands) of them for a cheap price is the way to become a serious professional.

Be that as it may... There are still those of us who create art as a photograph and still find clients who appreciate that art such as the portrait on the left, is not something you get at a shopping centre photo booth.

My first paying portrait was taken in 1961. Since then I'm pleased to say, I've honed my craft to a point where my portraits can be identified as unique portraits.

Canvas portraits in a faux charcoal or any of the other styles I have developed are available as canvas or archival paper prints (or digital image files for overseas clients) starting at 11" x 14"  up to life size in colour or black & white.

You supply the image, I'll create the art starting at $260 per person in the frame. If you wish, I'll take the photograph for a sitting fee starting at $160 per person, depending  where it is.


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