Ethics binding weddingsNportraits

Ethics are really quite simple. God invented them... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

weddingsNportraits Code of Ethics

I suppose having only one business ethic might seem a little to simplistic for some people but seriously... do you need more?

"If a deal is not fair to all concerned, then we will have no part in it."

Keep it simple is too much for too many but none the less it has guided me, my family, my company and my business to a level of basic honesty in dealings that makes me wonder why so many wedding photographers and the AIPP... The self appointed 'peak body' of the photographic industry feel the need to have page after page of ethics statements to justify their existence  and still miss this requirement for honest dealings.

Keep it in mind next time you ask for a discount or someone tries to charge you more after you've signed up with them.