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All Photographs and Videos taken by Brisbane Wedding Photographers, weddingsNportraits or for that matter any professional photographer, are subject to copyright in one form or another. Wedding Photography is exempt from copyright unless a contract between the photographer and the client specifically assigns the copyright to a particular person or legal entity. Almost all responsible, experienced photographers will require a contract.

Ryadia Pty Ltd, owners of Brisbane Wedding Photographers and weddingsNportraits is a legal entity. An Australian Private company. All our contracts assign copyright to us with a generous license provided to clients that basically says; If you sell any photographs we take, you will first negotiate a fee with us. This fee is usually 50% of the sale price unless otherwise written into  our contract. This is not profiteering. You probably negotiated a price with us that did not consider you would one day become rich and famous or decide to sell your wedding photos. All we want is a fee - appropriate payment and control over who can profit from our work after they buy it.

Copyright of all Family portrait and wedding photography photographs taken by any Ryadia enterprise belongs to Ryadia Pty Ltd of Brisbane Australia. Copyright of photographs of families and weddings taken before July 1998 belongs to the client. Digital negatives (original image files) will always belong to the photographer. The law recognizes a photographer's right to create images from which photographs are made for sale from.

Our clients are provided a license to print any of the copyright images provided to them on CD or other portable media under the following conditions:

  1. Any photos (prints) or video productions made by us are for personal use or distribution to friends or relatives, not for sale.

  2. Commercial use is prohibited under this simple license. a special license is needed if you wish to sell these photos or Videos.

  3. The images or prints made from them cannot be used in any legal proceedings either.

  4. The client agrees to indemnify Ryadia, their photographers staff and business entities against any and all legal proceeding that may arise from following your instructions to locations for photography. This includes but is not limited to, any Church. Any automobile or other form of transport, any animal or prop used for photography. The assumption will always be that you obtained any permissions or licenses required for entry to take photographs and or Videos.

  5. That the media images are provided on, be it disc or any other means of storing digital images and videos may not be duplicated, copied or distributed without the express written permission of the company or one of it's assignees. Duplicate copies will be available (for a fee) for at least five years after your wedding or portrait session.

Legal information

The following exert is from Andrew Nemeth BSc (Hons) LLB Mteach who maintains a website at: where a great deal of myth surrounding copyright is explained in plain English. Andrew is also a specialist Copyright lawyer.

“Since 30 July 1998 the photographer owns full copyright in their images, even if they were commissioned by a third party (see ACC info sheets "G058" and "G035"). There are a couple of caveats though. By Section 35(4) of the Act, copyright is owned by your employer if the image was taken as part of your job. Alternatively by Section 35(5), if the photograph was commissioned (by agreement and for money) for a "private or domestic purpose" — such as a family portrait or wedding or birthday party — then the client owns copyright, unless there is agreement to the contrary.

This exception is not as arcane as it seems. Say you were invited to a take photographs at a children's birthday party. The " Alpha Mom" pays you $50 to cover expenses. You take the shots and one of them turns out to be a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece. Guess who owns the copyright to the image according to s35(5)?…

This document provides general information only and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. If you are considering using any photos or images taken from this site or photographed by Ryadia Pty Ltd or its employees without first seeking permission, perhaps you should read Andrew's advice first. Better still, ask him.