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Wedding Album alternative styles

Wedding Albums come in as many different styles, shapes and sizes as the mind can imagine. No matter what you think might be a new idea for presenting an album, someone, somewhere has thought of it before you. Any one of the examples here can be chosen for the style of your wedding album if you purchased a wedding photography package from us specifying a digital page album. Even if you just want an album from your own images... We can design one just for you.

Freehand digital wedding album page. No two albums are ever the same.This page shows only some of the styles of digitally composed albums we offer to create for photographers or supply you with our own wedding photography packages. Themed albums are amongst the most popular.

Ryadia™ brand Wedding Albums and Canvas prints  offer more album choices made from your own photos or we can custom make a digital design, totally unique to your personality.

One style  is produced entirely from templates I created specifically for wedding albums and the other is freehand where I create unique pages based on an interview with you. No two albums made this way are ever the same.

The picture on the left  is a photo of a 11"x14" album page uniquely created to suit the "Gone with the wind" theme of the wedding. There will never be another one the same although sooner or later, I'll probably make one similar to it.

The wedding was held on one of the River Queen Paddle wheeler cruise boats that travel up and down the Brisbane river. This page was constructed from four photographs shot during the ceremony. The album had 20 pages and required almost 90 photos (plus stock images) to complete.

Such an album made from your photos would cost in the region of $600. A package taking photos as well as build the album is close to $2000 plus extras.

The Album page (under, left) was created from a pre-designed template.  Most of these templates I make myself and sell to other photographers. Sometimes I buy templates from other photographic artists. Nothing particularly unique about them except any writing that may be added to the pages. Anyone with the money and some Photoshop skill can make a digital template album. Some are quite nice incidentally, but not album page from a Ryadia™ template.

The page below is also from a template but unlike the multi-image one (right) uses stock images as a background to create a page with a single photo in it.

Single photo per page albums are ideal when you've got only a few photos you like. With as few as 20 photos, you can build a very attractive album.

Multi-images per page albums can consume a really large number of photos. Some we've made with just 20 pages (10 leaves, 1 page per side) have taken over 100 photos to construct.

I guess in the end, it all comes down to personal choice. Think carefully because properly stored, your album will last for decades. Many of the visitors to our wedding centre lament that they never had a wedding album and regret it now they have curious grandchildren.Single photo album page


Below is one of my original templates. The background is one of my beach shots from the Ryadia™ stock library. I made this product as a 10 template set in 2003. It is still asked for now and then. Probably because of the beach theme.

The original idea I had when designing album templates was to create a simple drag & drop template anyone could use. My freehand albums have proven to be the most popular by far. Probably because each one is totally unique, designed to suit the personality of the couple. They become real conversation pieces when left on coffee tables for visitors to browse.  If you have any doubts about which album style to use for your wedding, ask us. A page from a beach theme digital album template

If we photograph your wedding, the theme for your album is already designed.

All we need to do is ensure we get the right photos to tell your wedding story. If you intend having a relative or friend for your photographer and come to us after the wedding... We can still work out a theme even if we need to use some of our stock images for backgrounds.

Where to from here?
Phone, write or inbox us. Use the contact form here. or phone 07 3821 3393. Expect at least one hour interview time and then... Depending on the work load, between 5 days and 5 weeks for delivery of the finished album. 50% payment up front and the remainder on collection.

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